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71: Journaling and Handwriting for Learning with Sam Kain

April 04, 2023 Episode 71
BLOC Podcast
71: Journaling and Handwriting for Learning with Sam Kain
Show Notes

In this episode, Sam Kain of Purple Reset and I talk all about how handwriting helps with retention and how L&D professionals might benefit from incorporate writing into their work and into their own practice as a tool.

Sam Kain has been a project manager for 8 long years now, and she will tell you, it's been quite the ride. But despite her professional background, she's always been a creative at heart. Sam firmly believes that creativity is the key to success, both in and out of the workplace.

Sam is all about getting things done as quickly and effectively as possible. She hates wasting time and resources, and she's constantly on the lookout for ways to optimize processes and improve workflows. But she will always go physical before digital.

One thing that Sam is super passionate about is journaling. She believes that everyone should do it, no matter who you are or what you do. It's a great way to reflect, organize your thoughts, and stay on top of your goals -- which is one of the driving forces to build her own collection of journals and notebook systems for creative chaotic minds.

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